After almost 10 years, we say goodbye to all of you.

They have been exciting years, full of anecdotes, adventures and wonderful people we have met along the way. In short, they have been years of much, much, much work and great learning.

We were born with the illusion of creating a different concept of sporting goods, and we are proud to say that we have achieved it by seeing our bags in more than 65 countries.  We are proud and excited about the illusion that we have transmitted during this time.

And above all, we are proud that our polka dot bag has become a small icon in the world of paddle tennis ????

We left behind a multitude of trips to visit fairs, meet with investors, set up pop-ups with our van, photo shoots and also endless ideas and designs that have remained in the inkwell (rather on a sketchpad).

We also left complicated moments, such as the one left by a pandemic and personal situations that have helped us to make this decision.

But in spite of everything, the great and precious memories weigh much more in the balance ❤️


THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of the IDAWEN team.

From those of us in the office, to those who worked in our workshop, putting care and love in every seam. 

But especially, we want to thank ALL OF YOU who have accompanied us during this time, some even from the beginning, or coming to visit us in our facilities on a trip to Galicia.

 Your loyalty, drive and recognition have been our fuel to continue up to this point. 


ALL together we have formed a wonderful family.

We hope you continue to enjoy your IDAWEN products for a long time and that they make you feel that strength, vitality and love for being different and unique that we wanted to transmit.

Thanks for everything and see you always!

                                                                                                                          Lara y Carlos