who is behind IDAWEN?

Behind IDAWEN you find us, Carlos and Lara, the cofounders, who together with a young dynamic team, are trying to break moulds and do things differently.

our background

We arrive to where we are from our past jobs to give our experience to a project to recycled bags.

At that time of our lives we had more time to spend playing sports (Carlos kitesurf and Lara Paddle tennis), and we realised that there were no quality fashionable functional accessories for sports.

Using advertising canvas we made our first products, a paddle bag for the racquet and a kite board bag,  both pleasing in aspect and functional in use, and we discovered that we were not the only ones looking for this style of products as we began to receive orders from many places.

As life is full of swings and roundabouts and everything is for a reason, we reached the moment to take the plunge, follow a dream, outside our comfort zone, and setup IDAWEN and now we find ourselves here!

so, what is IDAWEN?

IDAWEN is sport, is fashion, is quality, is color, is trendy, is standing out, is functionality, is technologies, is exclusivity.

IDAWEN is sports accessories and activewear designed  for and by sportswomen.

how do we do it?

By designing in house and producing in our own facilities with our own staff. We use technologies that allow us to create exclusive designs and to always have different things.

By keeping own production, we can control every quality process, produce limited editions and be faster to launch new designs to be ready quickly in our website for you. 

We also take advantage of tradition and textile knowhow from we are based, Galicia.

To bet on and contribute, each in our small way to keep the ship afloat even in rough waters.

When you purchase an IDAWEN product, you are buying an UNIQUE product that allows you to feel different from the herd, and that allows you to play your sport knowing that you are using the best technical features. Manufactured in ethical conditions and with sustainable fabrics.

If these things matter to you, them you have find your brand!

Here, you have a video about IDAWEN and our "world"