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La titularidad del presente sitio web corresponde a IDAWEN SPORTS S.L.., con domicilio social en C/ ILLAS ESTELAS 48, 36350 NIGRÁN PONTEVEDRA y NIF B27801919. Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de PONTEVEDRA, Tomo 3964, Sección 3964, Hoja PO-56792.

Los datos identificativos y de contacto de la empresa son los siguientes:

IDAWEN SPORTS, S.L. NIF: B27801919 Dirección: C/ ILLAS ESTELAS 48, 36350, NIGRÁN (PONTEVEDRA) Tel: +34 886 138 142 Mail: IDAWEN@IDAWEN.COM


We invite you to check out the general terms and conditions of sale that regulate the offer and sales of IDAWEN products via the online store included in this website.

The present document contains the Conditions that regulate the use of this website placed under the dominium as well as any other that in any moment could be determined and the contract that vinculates us two, IDAWEN SPORTS S.L., -You and us- (from now on “Conditions”). These conditions stablish the rights and liabilities of all the users (from now on “You”/”your”) and those of IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. (from now on “we” and “our”) related to the surfing of this website, the purchase of the condition of User, the rights and liabilities associated to such condition, as well as the commercial transactions and the use of the services contained therein.

When using this website you remain linked to these Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal Advice, for which we thoroughly recommend you to read the present Conditions. If you do not agree with them you will have to abandon the website.

All the products that are offered at are directly sold by IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. with social site in Illas Estelas Street 48, Nigrán, (Pontevedra) and with CIF number B27801919.

CONTACT: For any question, suggest or doubt, please send us your comments by e-mail at



All the intellectual and industrial property rights of the web dominium, as well as of its contents belong to IDAWEN SPORTS S.L., andno user is allowed to use them, nor print or store them under any physical support in any case but personal and private usage. Therefore, the modification, decompilation or commercial use of any part of it is forbidden.  It is only allowed the use of the contents of the web with informative and service purposes, as long as the source is always quoted, being the user the only responsible of the incorrect use of them. The access to this website gives the user no right nor ownership over the intellectual and industrial property it hosts. The users that enter this website cannot copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, yield or sell the previously mentioned element, nor create new products or derivative services from the obtained information without the mediation of a competent authority and the written and explicit authorization of IDAWEN SPORTS S.L.

The alteration of the content or structure of this website by the user is strictly forbidden.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. reserves the possibility of exercise the pertinent judicial actions against the users that violate or infringe the intellectual and/or industrial property rights.

Shall the user spot any activity that could infringe any right of the Intellectual or Industrial Property, or any other type of right, we request that he communicates it to us by the email

The information present in the website is in force at the date of the last update. The firm reserves the right to modify the contents of the web dominium with no previous warning, being able to limit or forbid the access to this website.



These conditions have been designed in order to create a legally binding agreement between you and us, protecting your rights as a client and our rights as a firm.

The mentioned conditions regulate the offer, the shopping acceptance and the shipping of the products of IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. between you and us.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. offers the products exclusively to the final users to obtain non-sale merchandise.

It is meant by “final user” any physical or juridical person that acts inside with goals that are different from the ones that are common in the commercial, business or professional activities that he usually performs.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. reserves the right to not serve the orders made by subjects that are different to the final user. Only those final users that have registered themselves how it is stated in the General Conditions can acquire goods and services that are marketed through the website.



The acquisition of the condition of registered user enables the surfing of the restricted areas of the website, the use of the services for which previous personal identification is required, and the purchase of IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. products that could be offered through it.

The condition of registered user can be acquired by the adult people that have complete capacity to hire and that subscribe the present General Conditions. The acquisition of the condition of registered user implies the explicit and without any reserve reading and acceptation of the terms present in the General Conditions that states having known previous to its acceptance, being able to be stored and reproduced by him. The login as a user is an unavoidable requirement for the use of the services or the acquisition of the products IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. by its online store.

The username and password that will allow the user to identify himself and use the services have a strictly personal and confidential character. The user will be responsible of maintaining their confidentiality.

Consequently, the user explicitly accepts, except proven the opposite, that we assume that the use of the services carried out using his ID codes are carried out by the registered user, except if he had previously communicated the loss or subtraction of them.

The password can be freely modified by the user, by the procedures we have established for it. The previous password will be voided as an identification mean in the exact moment the new one is generated.

We will be able to block the access and use of the website whenever we estimate it necessary for security reasons. The Service will be automatically blocked assuming that three successive errors in the consignation of user codes for its access or use occur.

We will adopt the organizational and technical measures needed in our computer equipment so to reach an adequate use of the Service by the users, and stop non-authorized accesses whose object is to incur in not allowed exposures of the content of the accessible by means of the Service financial information of the user.



The user has to:

  •         Communicate IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. any data that is needed for the access and use of the services that demand previous identification, which must be truthful, current and adjusted to the reality. The user is obliged to give away in a certain and correct way his personal information (name, surname, post address, email and other contact data), and agrees on our ability to use this information to establish communication with him if necessary. If we are not given the whole information, we will not be able to place your order. In the opposite case, IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. will not be responsible in any case of the possible delays or failures in the delivery due to a mistake or an omission in the mentioned data.
  •         The user won’t be able to do any fraudulent, false or speculative order. IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. reserves the right of cancelling the order and/or informing the competent authority in case of having reasonable reasons to consider it as so.
  •         When placing the order in this website, you guarantee us to be older than 18 years old, and having legal capacity for engaging in the binding agreements.
  •       Adopt the needed security measures, both personal and material, in order to maintain the confidentiality of your user name and password, together with immediately notifying to IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. the loss, subtraction, stealing or illegitimate access of your user name, as well as its knowing by third persons.
  •         Make an adequate use of the included services of this website, always agreeing to the legal system.
  •         Not to engage in any activity that could hinder or interfere in the functioning of the Services included in this website.
  •         Do the payment of the IDAWEN products that could be hired through the website, and the shipping and charge management costs, if any. 



Part of the information or communications that we could send you will be in a written format, as the rule that can be applied when using this website requires, you accept that most part of the communication with us will be electronic. We will contact you by email or we will give away information by posting notifications in this website. Consequently, you agree on using this electronic communication mean and recognize that any agreement, notification, information and other communications that we send you in an electronic format fulfill the legal requirements as they are written down. This condition will not affect the rights that are recognized by law. We will be able to send communications both to the email or to the post address given by you when ordering. The notifications will be considered as received and correctly made just when they are posted in our website, 24 hours after having sent the email, or three days after the postage of any letter.



The content of our website is an invitation for doing business. Until your order has not been accepted by us (even if it is already charged to your account) there will be no agreement between you and us. If your order is not accepted and we have already charged the prize, it will be completely refunded.

After clicking on “buy” you will receive an email as an acknowledgement of receipt. This doesn’t imply that the order has been accepted, since it is itself an offer you make us in order to carry out the buying. The orders are subject to our checking and acceptation. We will confirm you the acceptation by sending you an email in which we inform you that the order is being sent (shipping confirmation). Only then the agreement will be formalized between you and us.

Only the IDAWEN products that are related to the Shipping Confirmation will be object of the mentioned agreement. We will not be obliged to serve you any other product that could have been object of request until we confirm the shipping of them in an independent Shipping Confirmation.

We will determine if the IDAWEN products are in the exact same conditions as they were when shipped. The ones that are given back damaged, incomplete, used or dirty because of the client’s fault, won’t be refunded and will be available for the client and reshipped postage due.

In order to carry out your right to return, we invite you to follow our Return Policy.


You accept that the products offered by IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. on its online store are subject to limitation of existences.  Every order of IDAWEN products are subject to their availability. If any product is not available once the order is done, we will inform you as soon as possible. Then you will be able to modify or cancel your order.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. reserves the right to modify the products offered at the website at any time with no previous notification. 

IDAWEN will be able to deny the placing of an order if not enough guarantees of solvency are present, or those that result incomplete or incorrect, or in case that the IDAWEN products are not available, with no responsibility towards you or any other person. In any case, we pledge to inform you, and in case that the prize of the order had already been charged we will proceed to refund the amount you had anticipated.



You will be able to withdraw the contract among the fifteen calendar days that follow the date of the order reception. The amount of those IDAWEN products will be refunded following our Return Policy. The shipping costs will not be refunded in any case.

The right to withdrawal will be carried out provided that the IDAWEN products are given back in the exact same conditions as you received them, together with the original complete packaging, tags and any other accessory related to them.



See  "How to purchase"



This website uses cookies.

Aim: They look for anonymous information about how many times a user visits the web, they calculate the logging in and if it should be kept logged in, they register the visits’ order and other similar statistical data.

It is necessary to install the cookies in order to use this website, which in any case gather anonymous information. Even though, the user can set the computer in order to block and, if necessary, delete them. Despite this, if you choose this setting, you may not be able to access determined parts of the website, nor take advantage of some of our services. At least you have set your computer as to automatically reject cookies, our system will produce them whenever you connect to our site.

The linked pages such as the paying platform or information platform can also use cookies to let in the security elements that take part in the control of the restricted areas and the general navigation.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. pledges to treat the personal information with absolute confidentiality, using them exclusively for the mentioned aims, and informs you that has all the necessary security measures, both technical and organizational, in order to guarantee the security of your data, and avoid their non-authorized change, loss, use or access, taking into consideration the state of the technology, the matter of the stored data and the risks they face, both due to human action or a physical or natural medium, according to what is sorted in the article 9 LOPD and in its development ruling approved by the Real Decreto 1720/2007, at 21 December.

There are several functions in the website for which one must previously register. This will enable the access to “My Account” where you can see your personal information, shipping addresses, state of your order… This will enable that any time you access these functions, only by introducing your email and password, our system will recognize your data so that your experience in our site is simpler and easier.

At IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. we are worried about your security, and about guaranteeing and protecting the privacy of every client. This is why we guarantee that all the processing of your data is done under high levels of security.

The transactions of credit cards are done by a secure server (Secure Socket Layering). When the letters “http” become “https”, the s means that you are inside an SSL, or else your browser may inform you about the site’s security by means of a pop-up message. SSL encrypts the personal information by the data’s transport.

In order to enter certain functions of the website such as the online store it is necessary for you to give us your personal information. When including that information you guarantee us that that it is your true identity, any information that you provide is truthful, exact, current and complete at the time you provide it.

The personal information you have given us voluntarily will be incorporated to a file whose holder is IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. that will be used to register your logging as a user, to inform you about IDAWEN products and promotions through the email account you gave us, and to manage the buying process in case you buy any of our online store’s products.

IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. with address at PI Porto do Molle C/Das Pontes 4, OF.233, 36350 Nigrán, Spain, as holder of the file, pledges to respect the confidentiality of your personal information. In order to exercise your access, change, cancelling or opposing rights you must send a communication, written from the email account you used to log in to or else writing a letter, together with a copy of your ID document addressed to the following post address: IDAWEN SPORTS S.L. (Clients Attendance Department) PI Porto do Molle C/das pontes 4. Of 233, 3650 Nigrán (Pontevedra), Spain.