Because we are all on the Earth's team. Because we play for it. To mantain it, to live it and let it be lived. Because we all have to play this sport. The sport of caring and protecting it, of taking care and protecting ourselves.

Planet Earth does not have enough natural resources to keep up with us, and we are all part of the circle. It's time to take action, it's time for fashion revolution! With our garments and accessories, you are part of the IDAWEN EARTH TEAM. A team that defends a responsible consumption, is comitted to local and ethical production, concerned about the enviroment as well as the preservation of the biodiversity of our planet. Be proud to be part of the change. Join our team. It's time to play. PLAY WITH US!

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Our commitment is with our planet and all the people. The people that build IDAWEN, our customers, our suppliers and partners.Our commitment is to offer the best products, with the best materials and guarantying ethical work conditions and working every day towards achieving that our activity has zero impact on our planet.




Coherence drives everything we do, ensuring our products are produced in line with our values and commitment We know there is an easier and cheaper way to make things, but that´s not the way that we have chosen. Rather than making products for the sake of accumulating them, we want them to be durable and last a long time.








According to our values, we make sportswear and accessories in a sustainable way, using recycled materials. 90% of our fabrics are made using ECONYL® nylon yarns, regenerated from fishing nets recovered from oceans and seas and other nylon waste such as carpets.

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In January 2016 we achieved “PETA Vegan Approved” certificate, that guarantees us as a registered vegan brand approved by the most important international organization in the defence of animal rights: We don’t use animal leathers. We only use synthetics and organic materials such as animal leather alternatives.

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Our print technology has the certificates that guaranty the environmental respect, using aqua based inks, not using heavy metals or other toxic components, and taking into account its recyclable nature.

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Idawen deporte fabricación etica y sostenible




The people that make IDAWEN are at the centre of our strategy. We are scrupulous with compliance with labour regulations, not only in IDAWEN but also with all the suppliers we work with.

From the beginning, we have wanted to create wellness in our environment, which is why we do all of the production in-house. It´s also the way to guaranty high-quality levels and good labour conditions.

Each piece of clothing or bag are made with the maximum care by our own team, guarantying high-quality and contributing to creating employment in our environment, taking advantage of the great textile tradition of our region.

Where we are not able to produce in -house, a close net of workshops do. Workshops with our same philosophy about quality levels and respect for labour conditions and staff wellbeing.

We have established the 35 hour work weeks because we believe That our employee´s capacity to balance their personal lives with the work schedule is essential, and thus we have flexible hours for everyone at IDAWEN.













Our industry (fashion) is one of the most contaminants around the world. From materials that we use, through the CO2 generated for shipments (raw materials and finished products), to the contamination created from the used (or not used) clothes.

Industria textil contaminacion

We try to minimize all those impacts, producing in our own facilities and close workshops, minimizing the miles that our products navigate before reaching you. Fewer miles, les CO2.


Our components and fabrics are acquired always taking account their sustainability and the closeness of its production. So, 95% of our components and fabrics are made in the EU.

Online sales have a great environmental impact. We try to minimize it, Taking into account as the first criteria when choosing our courier partner the percentage of first try delivery they have.







Lastly, Our program: RE-Sport, contributes to minimizing the contamination from useless IDAWEN clothes. When an IDAWEN product is not going to be used anymore, we offer our customers the chance to have it picked up by us, free of charge. We then give it a second life by creating a new product, reusing the yarns of the discarded item.