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42º, 8’ N –8º, 48’ O

This is where IDAWEN, is born... and why is the placeso important? It's because everything has an influence in what you doand what you are able to create, and the place where you do it does sotoo. In this little spot in North-Western Spain, Southern Europe, weget the influence of the ocean and of the green of the mountains.Freedom winds that inspire everything we do and create.


The origin of our name says a lotabout ourselves. AWEN isa Celtic symbol, strongly connected to the geographical point in whichwe are located, and it means creativity and equilibrium. We also have ID, which in the informatics worldmeans "unique identifier". When we put these words together we can onlycreate original and unique products, giving extreme importance both toexclusivity and to being outstanding.



The human group that builds up IDAWENis a bunch of different perspectives. We come from different places,with different experiences but with strong common points: sports andthe willing to do different and original things in a market that is theworld to us, since we don't understand about boundaries.


With such ideas and origin, we haveworked in order to develop technologies that allow us to, in asustainable way, perform our project. We also wanted to take advantageof everything that our location offered to us, which is understandingand experience in the textile sector, which has allowed us to form ateam of professionals that enable us to not only design but produce inour facilities.


Our objective: Bringing togetherfashion and sports in original, exclusive and quality products.

Our mantra: If we cannot do itdifferent, we don't do it.



We intend to create products for sports practice or for a healthy lifestyle, where fashion and sport merge equally.

With this intention, we create products characterized by three words:


      Originality. We want every design we create to attract attention, to be perceived as something different, new, fresh.

      Exclusiveness. The technology allows us not all have to wear the same garment or the same complement. Our commitment is the creation of limited series with designs constantly renewing. We do not understand or work the decolection concept. We work with inspirations. We design and create for our clients so they can always find something new inIDAWEN

      Quality. Quality in a wide sense. That is why we understand quality not only in the materials we use and in our production process, but also in the functionality of the product. We design fashion for athletes and fulfill the needs of them.

Our social commitment makes our raw materials purchased in the EU and the manufacture of our products made in our facilities with our own staff.


We aim to create products for sportspracticing or for a healthy lifestyle, where sports and fashion blendtogether.

With this intention, we createproducts characterized by three words:

  • Originality. We want everydesign we create to be eye-catching, to be perceived as somethingdifferent, new, fresh.

  • Exclusivity. The technology allows us tomake possible for everyone not to wear the same clothes or complements.Our compromise is the creation of limited series with designs inconstant renovation. We don't understand nor work the concept ofcollection. We work with inspirations. We design and create for ourclients so that they can always find something new in IDAWEN

  • Quality. Quality in a widesense. This is why we understand quality is not only found in materialsor production processes, but also in the functionality of our products.We design fashion for sportspeople and it should fulfill theirnecessities.

Our social compromise makes our primematerials to be purchased within the EU and it makes us produce ourproducts in our facilities and with our own staff.




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